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Apie Jution silikono

Jution Silicone & Rubber (Donguan) co.ltd,is a high end consumer silicone products manufacturer.As a silicone baby products manufacturer.We support our partner brand to be the baby and parents liked products in baby industry more than 10 years. We work with products development company,baby products brand offer the safety silicone baby products to the baby products distributor,retails,gifts & chain store. We help the silicone baby product company and brand develop the silicone baby products ,include the silicone baby feeding products and toy products,from idea to life. We are a China silicone kids and babies products supplies.We offer the one-stop manufacturing mass production for safe silicone baby products molding service from mold to package products.

Pasiteiravimui apie mūsų produktus ar kainyne, prašome palikti savo laišką mums ir mes susisieksime per 24 valandas.

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