What are the specific classifications of silicone rubber products?

After the silicone rubber is used as a raw material mold under high temperature and high pressure, the silicone rubber product which is made by vulcanization oil pressure is called a silicone rubber molded product. Silicone products application industry in many industries, such as: automotive industry, household daily necessities industry, electronics industry, medical industry, etc. all use silicone rubber products; the production of these silicone rubber products requires different molds to open production and processing. Therefore, it is very important in the design of silicone rubber mold. Silicone rubber mold should be analyzed and designed according to the structure and performance of the product. The best material and size should be selected to ensure the efficiency and service life of the mold. To ensure effectiveness.
Of course, the mold method of silicone rubber products is not the same. The specific classification can be divided into three types: filling mold, injection mold and injection mold.
First of all, let’s talk about the filling type silicone rubber mold: that is, the so-called filling mold in the industry, the silicone rubber raw material is put into the mold, and then heated and pressurized by a flat vulcanizing machine. Noteworthy filling molds can be divided into three types:
1. Open filling mold: The biggest advantage of this kind of mold is low cost and easy structure; but this kind of mold is easy to cause the loss of raw materials, and the larger the problem of exhausting. Therefore, it takes an experienced engineer to handle such a mold.
2. Closed filling die: This kind of die has a feeding cavity, and the upper die has a guiding. In the process of pressing the silica gel product at high temperature, there is no phenomenon of loss of raw materials, but the rubber is subjected to high pressure, resulting in high density and consumption of the product. The advantage of a relatively small amount of glue. However, at the same time, there is a problem that the exhaust is difficult, and the precision of the mold is high, and the cost of opening the mold is also high.
3. Semi-closed filling die: This type of die has the problem that the exhausting is easy and there is no excessive loss of the rubber; however, there is a problem of poor fluidity.
Finally, we talk about the injection molding mold. The principle of this mold is to put the silicone rubber raw material into the compression chamber, and use the pressure transmitted by the plunger to press the silicone rubber material into the cavity through the injection molding port to obtain the silicone rubber product. . Therefore, the injection mold is the mold used by most manufacturers at present, because the silicon rubber product made by the mold has high density and stable product quality, and is suitable for various complicated processes of silicone rubber parts.

Post time: Dec-13-2018
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